Protecting Your Copyright

We all know that piracy is a major problem for designers who create digital content. Like our designers on llllline, content owners have different approaches for handling piracy.

Some people try to fight all the piracy they encounter, some try to encourage content users to make payments, while others choose to focus on selling their products rather than changing users who want to get all the content for free. In the ultimate, it is your personal choice (llllline has been persistent in solving the problem of piracy).

Take action as the right holder.

If you see someone using or selling your content without authorization, you may take the necessary measures by sending a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to the website owner or the host of the website. The DMCA notice requires the owner or custodian to remove the infringing items. The content owner has the right to perform the operation.

How to take actions?

We have developed some resources to help you protect copyright.

How to send a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice?

We have prepared a short guide on how to do this, and we will also provide a template form for you to use, which is coming soon.

To whom should I send the DMCA notice?

You may use“whois”function to look up.

What should I do after sending a DMCA notice?

After submitting the DMCA notice, it would be great if you can tell us through the help team ([email protected]) and attach a copy of the DMCA notice you sent.

If you think you have encountered a site that seriously affects llllline (or a site that you think we should pay attention to, such as a counterfeit site), please let us know through the support center so that our professional team can investigate and collect evidence in a timely manner.

What other countermeasures does llllline have against piracy?

At llllline, we have always been fighting against piracy and brand abuse:

First of all, some great people, such as professional lawyers, have joined llllline! They can provide professional legal advice and try their best to help you win the war of rights defense!

Secondly, we launched the blockchain, saving the artwork infomation on blockchain which is non-editable. The only thing you need to do is to upload your artwork on once you finish the design.

Finally, for any copyright issues, you may contact our copyright team ([email protected]) at any time, and we will do our best to support you!

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