Mannequins Design Service

Efficient, cost-controllable mannequins design service, mannequins 3d printing model design. Mannequin, also called dummy, lay figure, or dress form.

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Mannequins Design Service
Mannequins Design Service

This is the Mannequin Design Service provided by LLLLLine Official. Relying on the LLLLLine global designer platform, we have rich designer resources, that means LLLLLine can design unique mannequin with independent intellectual property rights for brand companies.

And LLLLLine can entrust trusted factories around the world for mass production, also providing third party quality inspection services.

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, 3D modeling can reduce development costs and cycles, and make production more flexible. We have a huge number of high-end 3D designers around the world, who can provide design support services for fashion stores, brands, jewelry stores, etc.
And according to customer requirements, LLLLLine provide custom display props design and production services.

Including but not limited to male mannequin, female mannequin, children's clothing mannequin, pregnant mannequin, plus-size mannequin, sports mannequin, other mannequin, various sculptures, display props.

Meanwhile, LLLLLine has professional project managers and software systems that can communicate with designers and suppliers in multiple languages around the world for you.

For requesting detailed service quotations, please provide us with your detailed list and let us know,
1. Specific design requirements.
2. Do you need mass production? If you need to produce, please provide the process requirements, production quantity, and delivery address information, and we will calculate the total cost for you.
3. Do you need a third-party quality inspection service?
4. Company contact information.

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