For Artist

 What kind of works are easy to sell?

  • These are some basic suggestions for reference only:
  • 1. For 3D Artists, click here
  • 2. For 2D Artists, click here

What are the requirements for work?

  • 1. Each “zip file” uploaded should only include content related to the work, and should noinclude project content unrelated to the work.
  • 2. The description of the work should be clear and complete, such as in terms offormat, software version and resolution.
  • 3. Use as many compatible formats as possible.
  • 4. Do not include any content that may involve intellectual property infringement, such as fonts or photos. If such use is necessary, please purchase it to obtain the legal right to use.

How to upload works?

What kind of formats you should upload?

  • 1. Recommending uploading multi formats, making it be opened by most softwares. Such as if you are uploding a 3dsmax source file, you better uploding additional obj and fbx format, so that it can be imported by other softwares. And for a vector file, you better export an additional eps format.
  • 2. All files should be zipped into 1 zip file to upload on llllline

How to increase sales opportunities?

  • 1. Upload as many works as possible. It is recommended to upload more than 100 works.
  • 2. Upload works regularlyto obtain more exposure opportunities.
  • 3. Use high-resolution and high-quality preview images (for example, square cover images).
  • 4. Adoptsuitable titles, description and keywords, but not to use them excessively.
  • 5. Give reasonable pricing.
  • 6. It is recommended to upload multiple formats of the work to ensure that the work can be opened by multiple kinds of software.

Are works uploaded to llllline prohibited from being uploaded to other platforms for sale?

  • 1. For the basic designer account, llllline has no exclusive sales restrictions. The same works may also be uploaded on other platforms.
  • 2. For particularly outstanding designers and works, llllline may give an invitation to upload “works for exclusive sale”, and the designer’s gain sharingshall be significantly increased. The premise is that the workshave high qualityand are provided in ahigh level in number. If you are interested in becoming designer of “works for exclusive sale”, please send a preview of the relevant works to [email protected]. llllline shallcontact with you withspecific follow-up matters.

What is the artist’s proportion of gain?

  • The proportion of gain for the artist is 60% of the sales amount, and the proportion shall change with the cumulative sales amount of the work; the more the cumulative sales amount, the higher the proportion. However, an excessively high price in pursuit of the accumulated amount should be avoided. An excessively high price may lead to a sharp drop in sales; the pricing should be determined upon comprehensive consideration.

PayPal Seller Fee

  • 1. PayPal will charge you a seller fee for each order.
  • 2. Here is the guide https://www.paypal.com/c2/webapps/mpp/paypal-seller-fees

Can a designer decide the price of the work by itself?

  • Artists can set prices freely, but the recommended minimum price is 3 euros (some designers were worried that they could not sell their work and set theprice to 1 euro, which is totally unnecessary). It is recommended that artists upload multiple works and divide the price of the works into the three levels of “high, medium and low”. For example, the price of low-grade works can be set at3-10 euros, the price of middle-grade works can be set at 10-20 euros, and the price of high-grade works can be set at 20-100 euros.

 Is the price unit in US dollars or euros?

  • The default unit is euro (buyers may switch between USD/EUR at will, and the exchange rate is determined by referring to the market exchange rate, but may not be exactly the same as the exchange rate on the market).

I see that some preview images have no watermark. Is there a watermark option when uploading?

  • llllline will add the watermarks for artists.

How long is the reviewing time for the work?

  • Generally, the review of works is completed within 24 hours, but due to factors such as the number of works, platform upgrades, system updates and policy adjustments, the reviewing time may be extended appropriately.

What is the payout method for designers?

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • AliPay

Is there a minimum for withdraw by artists?

  • Currently there is no minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal and AliPay, but the requirement for minimum withdrawal may increase in the future. If there is any adjustment, llllline shall give a notice in advance.
  • Payoneer minimum $50.00 withdrawal.

How long does it take for artists to receive payment?

  • Commonly the payment can be received on the third working day after the work is sold (provided that noissue regardingwork quality and copyright is raised by the buyer or a third party during the period).

Is the copyright of all uploaded works still owned by the artist?

  • Yes.

What if the artist's work is pirated or infringed?

  • llllline will provide legal assistance to artists on the platform to ensure that artists are worry-free. In case of infringement, we will notify each branch and assign the nearest lawyer to assist in rights protection. Artists can be rest assured that they only need to be responsible for the design of the work.

For Buyer

What are you buying?

  • A digital file rather than a material object.

Can I request a refund if I make a mistake in purchase? 

  • 1. If the documents you purchase are inconsistent with the description, llllline guarantees a 100% full refund.
  • 2. However, a refund request and relevant evidence must be submitted within three days after the order is placed. Besides, it is necessary to send an email to [email protected] together with the refund application and supporting materials. After receiving the relevant materials and upon verification, llllline shall follow up and deal with the matter in a timely manner.
  • 3. Since digital files are reproducible, please understand that without sufficient reason, llllline shall give no refunds.

About "$10k in Protection"

  • If the artwork file purchased by the buyer is inconsistent with the information on the description page of the artwork, resulting in the inability to use it normally, or the file cannot be downloaded, llllline will temporarily pay the buyer a refund in advance
  • The maximum refund amount is the amount paid by the buyer to purchase the artwork
  • The buyers need to provide relevant evidence in advance

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