For Artist

What kind of artwork is good for selling?

Content Requirements

  • 1. Each uploading zip file should include anything related. And they cannot contain unrelated items.
  • 2. Each artwork should be descripted as much as possible, such as the format, the software version, the resolution etc.
  • 3. Multi format is good for selling.
  • 4. Don't include anything copyrighted by other designers, such as fonts or photos. You can recommend the buying link if necessary.

How to upload?

What kind of formats you should upload?

  • 1. Recommending uploading multi formats, making it be opened by most softwares. Such as if you are uploding a 3dsmax source file, you better uploding additional obj and fbx format, so that it can be imported by other softwares. And for a vector file, you better export an additional eps format.
  • 2. All files should be zipped into 1 zip file to upload on llllline

How to increase the selling chance?

  • 1. Upload the artworks as much as you can, better 100+.
  • 2. Upload new artworks regularly, new artworks have more exposure opportunities.
  • 3. Use the high resolution and high quality preview image (Square cover image).
  • 4. Fill in the suitable title, description and keywords. But don't add too much.
  • 5. Suitable price for each artwork.
  • 6. Multi format is necessary. Make sure your artworks can be opened in many softwares.

Is it exclusive and artist can upload only on llllline platform?

  • 1. Basically, it is not exclusive.
  • 2. But we also have exclusive artworks. The share ratio will much higher than none exclusive.
  • 3. If your artworks are in good quality and you are willing to be our exclusive artist, please send the preview pictures of your artworks to [email protected]

What is the share ratio of artist?

  • 1. The share ratio for artists starts from 60%.
  • 2. Please upload high quality artworks and as much as you can. The system will automatically update the percentage according to your selling and quality of artworks, up to 80%.

PayPal Seller Fee

  • 1. PayPal will charge you a seller fee for each order.
  • 2. Here is the guide https://www.paypal.com/c2/webapps/mpp/paypal-seller-fees

Can we set any price we want on our products?

  • You can set price as you wish. But we recommend setting the price according to the quality of your artworks.

Prices in EUR or USD?

  • Default EUR.

I see images are not watermarked, is there a watermark option?

  • Some artworks like 3d models don't need watermark. For others, we will add watermark for you, or you can add your own watermark when uploading.

How long does the verification process take for each product? 

  • Normally less then 24 hours.

Is PayPal the only payment option available?

  • Right now yes. because we have global artists, Paypal is the most popular. Later we will add more option.

Is there a set amount before payouts are sent out?

  • Right now no. You can get the payment after 3 days of the orders, if the buyers no any bad feedback.

When are payouts sent out?

  • 3 days after the order.

All the uploaded artworks will remain with my copyrights?

  • Of course yes.

For Buyer

What is you are buying?

  • It's a digital file, not a real world thing.

Can I request a refund if bought wrong?

  • 100% money back guarantee if inconsistent with description.
  • But you should request the refund and provide the evidence within 3 days after you place the order. Just email [email protected].
  • And normally if you don't have enough reason, refund is not supported. Because the files are replicable.

Secure Payment

VISA and MasterCard via PayPal, 100% Safety on Payment.

Quality Artworks

It helps you avoid duplication and save time.

3 Days Money Back

100% Money back guarantee If inconsistent with description.

Customer Support

If occured any problem, just email us, we will reply you in 24 hours.