Artists Uploading Guide

Just click here for downloading the "Uploading Guide pdf"

Step1 Register an account

Fill in everything, and Make sure using real email address. It will be used to login llllline.

Step 2 Apply the Artist Account.

After login, you will find the button “Apply For Artist Account” in the right top menu.

Please select the real country you are in. This selection will affect the payout way in the future.

After your clicking “Submit”, we will arrange the review process A.S.A.P., please be patient.

Step3 Start uploading

Once your artist account approved, you will find the “Dashboard” button, click this, you can start uploading.

Click “Artist account info” on the left, and you can set the artists account info

Name: The name show on the artwork page.

Your Country: Select your real country.

Legal name: Your real name, this is only for payment, and won’t be public.

Payout account type: Please select PayPal.

Payout account: Your PayPal account.

Email: your email account which can receive messages

Your Profit Ratio: Your current ratio. If you wanna higher ratio, please show us your artworks and selling record first (email us [email protected])

Click “Products” on the left, and then you can find the artworks list you uploaded before.

Then click “Add New” button on the top, you can start uploading now.

Product name: Recommend using some keywords of your artworks.

Short description: This will be displayed on the bottom of Product Name in detailed page.

Full description: The most important information about your artworks, such as what is it, the format, the size, the DPI, the resolution…If you provide more information, you will get better chance to sell it.

Product tags: Some keywords about your artwork.

Price: Base on EUR.

Categories: Just choose 1 category and fill the features.

After these, you should click “Save and Continue Edit” first, then you can add preview images and files.

Click “Upload a file”, choose 1 of your prepared image, and type in “alt” “title” info, then click “Add Product picture”. The uploaded image will be displayed on the top.

And then again upload more images.

Note: The image with minimal Display order will be the cover image of this artwork (please make sure using square cover image).

Please zip all resource files into 1 zip file. And it’s better include multi compatible format.

Just drop the zip file on the dotted line area or click the dotted line area selecting file to start uploading.

These setting is for search engine optimization. Very important for your ranking.

Meta Tag Title: Less than 10 words.

Meta Tag keywords: Some keywords about your artworks.

Meta description: Some words about your artworks.

Once everything done, and no any problems, you can click “Submit for review” button on the top. Then we will start reviewing this work (Normally in 24 hours, maybe less).

Thank You.

Any Question, please contact [email protected]

Secure Payment

VISA and MasterCard via PayPal, 100% Safety on Payment.

Quality Artworks

It helps you avoid duplication and save time.

3 Days Money Back

100% Money back guarantee If inconsistent with description.

Customer Support

If occured any problem, just email us, we will reply you in 24 hours.