3D Font PS Action

This action will convert text into a 3D looking image. 


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Three styles for the resulting 3D Image
  • Easy customization - You can apply your own styles to the 3D components
  • Files Included:Photoshop ASL,  JPG Image
  • Minimum Adobe CS Version:CS4

Instruction Guide:

1. Load up the action in the action panel and patterns in the pattern panel (or Just double click 3dPaper.atn patterns.pat).

2. Type a text with any content and color.

3. Right Click the text layer and choose "Convert to shape"

4. Rename the name of text layer to "default"

5. From the action panel, apply one of the 3 actions included to create the desired effect.

That's it!

Here is 3 different look of the final result

3D Font PS Action

3D Font PS Action

3D Font PS Action

The resulting 3D looking image is made up with 3 layers. The action applies styles to them, but you can of course change the styles in the way you want and apply your own styles.