3D Fonts PS Action

This action will convert any image/shape/text into a 3D looking image. 


- Extremely easy to use

- Two angles for the resulting 3D Image

- Two built-in styles for the resulting image - Grey and Glossy Red

- Easy customization - You can apply your own styles to the 3D components

Instruction Guide:

1. Load up the action in the action panel.

2. Rename the desired layer to be converted to "3D" (without quote marks).

3. From the action panel, apply one of the four actions included to create the desired effect.

That's it!

The resulting 3D looking image is made up with 3 layers. The action applies styles to them, but you can of course change the styles in the way you want and apply your own styles.

Important Note!

- To get the best result, try to make the image/shape/text to be converted not higher than 500 px and not wider than 1000px. Otherwise, the 3D perspective will be deformed - the field of view changed. You can have smaller images. 

- Applying the action to smaller or bigger images will create a result with the same height. So, you can use this little trick to create different height results.